L.I.F.E. Groups

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Love | Intercession | Fellowship | Edification

It’s so easy to feel lost in a church. Our Life Groups are designed to build relationships among a smaller community of believers, who become like family to one another. At our TaiPo AG Church, we encourage you to get connected with a group who can become your family, your friends and prayer partners with whom you share your life.

When & Where do we meet?

LifeGroup @ TaiPo – “New Kam Shek Village”

8:00 PM/ every 2nd. & 4th. Fridays
Host: Eddie & Tracy

LifeGroup @ Park Island (Ma Wan)

2.00 PM/ every 2nd. & 4th. Saturdays
Host: Eric & Renee

Sunday Life (Every 2nd. & 4th. Sundays of the month)

Groups for:

1. Singles-Working Adults, College/University

2. Married Couples

3. Tagalog Speaking

4. Cantonese Speaking


What do we do in L.I.F.E Groups?

  • Love and care for each other in prayer and in practical ways when a need arises.
  • Intercession prayers and worship are powerful! We stand together in prayer on behalf of others- family, friends, co-workers and nations!
  • Fellowship with others both formally and planned social gatherings. Provide mutual support and encouragement.
  • Edification through personal sharing, learn from Bible study and sermon discussion. We seek to grow together spiritually to become an active part in the Body of Christ and reach out to others in need!

LIFE GROUP- w purpose

Be part of a small group family. Come join us for a time of worship, fellowship and prayer!


Come join us ! You are welcome to check it out!

For more information, email: eng@aogtaipo.org
or Call: +852 26511601