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Our children church meets every Sunday @ 10.00am Service. The classes commence right after a time of worship together with all ages.

There are programs for toddlers, children, and youths;

Toddlers(2-4), Primary(kindergarten-7), Middler(8-11) & Young Teen(12-14)

Click here for our Youth Fellowship !

Why we use Radiant Life Resources?

  • Stresses evangelism and Spirit-filled living in each lesson and for every age.
  • Teacher Skill Builders at the beginning of each teacher book.
  • Good lesson lead-ins.
  • Most of the material has been recently revised.
  • Easy for a novice teacher to use and age appropriate (Volunteers Needed).
  • Have lots of craft and activities that will be used.
  • Attractive, full-color student pages and handcraft books.

For more information, please contact the church office, eng@taipo.org

tel: +852 2651 1601

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 Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word.