SERVE- Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and become involved in church life and community.

If you’ve been served, whether by the ushers on Sundays, enjoyed the refreshment after church, worship team leading us in worship and many other ways – chances are you’ve been served by faithful servants who gave their time, talent and spiritual gifts to serve Jesus by serving you.

Imagine what our church, family and community would be like if all of us took the time to do what God has uniquely purposed for each of us to do in serving others. The result would be revolutionary and life-changing!

Be a part of this revolution and make the kind of impact that only you can make.


To supply you with ways and means to prepare you for ministry and for you to find joy, satisfaction and fruitfulness in serving God.



Follow these steps :

1. Begin by asking, “What is my passion?  What catches my interest?”
2. Consider your personality, skills, and experience. “How can I use these to serve others?”
3. If you need further help, please contact Pastor Vick,


  • Prayer Team
  • Ushers
  • Traffic Marshal
  • Toddler/Children/Teen /Youth groups
  • Refreshment
  • Music & Creative Arts
  • Media, Communications & Translation/Interpret
  • Campus Outreach
  • Life Groups
  • Language groups