Welcome to our Empower Youth Fellowship! We are so excited to have launched our English-Mandarin Youth Fellowship at AOG Tai Po Church. God has brought to our fellowship youths from all walks of life from Hong Kong, Mainland and other nations beyond!

Facebook  Facebook  Simply just come and check us out, we would LOVE to have you!

Every Sunday @ 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm

Empower Youth is committed to discipling our youths in our weekly congregation & through community life, to cultivate in them a passionate heart for Jesus Christ! Our Goal is to be an empowering body of the local church and to provide support and biblical tools for our youths so that they will mature to become strong leaders and witnesses for God.

Come join us for a weekly time of fun, faith-building fellowship and language learning!

For more information, Contact Pastor Esther Shek/ Pastor Leon Cheung ;

email: eng@aogtaipo.org
or Call: +852 26511601

竹园区神召会大埔堂Empower Youth中英双语团契正式开始啦!过去几个月里,我们看见许多青少年在父神的带领下加入了我们的团契,逐渐建立起一个跨文化的小家庭。

Empower Youth中英双语团契通过每周日的聚会培养青少年对基督的热诚。我们立志成为地方教会与青少年之间的纽带,帮助他们在神的话语中成长,成为神国度的领袖和见证人。


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